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Senator Pennacchio Appeals to Medical Community to Help Local Hospitals

Atlantic Health, Other Facilities Need Masks, Gloves, Other Protective Equipment

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to climb, hospitals in the state are struggling to care for an ever-growing stream of patients as their stores of personal protective equipment (PPE) shrink to alarming levels.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio appealed to the medical/dental community to donate desperately needed personal protective equipment to hospitals for the doctors and nurses treating coronavirus victims. (

Senator Joe Pennacchio today appealed to the medical/dental community, the business community and the public to help fill the void.

“It is very important to get protective gear for healthcare workers, especially masks and gloves, to the hospitals where they can do the most good protecting those professionals on the front line,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “Atlantic Health and other facilities across the region are being hard hit and need our help. It’s imperative to ensure doctors and nurses can remain healthy as they treat the victims of COVID-19.”

“Fighting Coronavirus Together – Ways You Can Help,” a page on the Atlantic Health Systems web site, cites the extraordinary demand for N95 masks, along with eye protectors, other masks, gloves, and gowns “to protect our extraordinary health care workers who are fighting COVID-19.

“For years, I have relied on PPE’s on a daily basis in my dental practice, never giving a second thought to the availability of these critical aids,” Pennacchio added. “The virus has shut down many routine health procedures, including dentistry, elective surgeries. Hospitals have a desperate need for products that may be stacked in storage closets in dark offices. Contributing these to the COVID-19 ‘war effort’ will help save lives.”

The New Jersey Hospital Association has also issued a cry for help. The organization’s web site includes a page about donating supplies, volunteering for New Jersey’s Medical Reserve Corps.

NJHA’s page includes information about the urgent need for blood donation, and a link for donating to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.



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